March 14, 2014

Quilt #3 - Multicolor Chevron

I wrote this post months ago but was waiting for this quilt to get to its new home before posting. 

Chevron...zig it what you will. Some think it is over done but I still can't get enough of this pattern. Most of you know I started my own chevron quilt last year. I have the quilt top done but I put that project aside to work on the three Christmas quilts. I made this one for Miss Grace. Grace, like myself, is a lover of blue. I didn't set out to make another chevron quilt but as I started laying out blue Kona it just seemed like a good idea. And given my rush, doing something I already know how to do was the easiest route to follow. Despite all its technical flaws caused by my rushing to meet the deadline, I love this quilt so much that I want it for my own. 

I bought the multi-color fabric for my own quilt back
but decided it would be better for this project
what did I get myself in to?
chevron quilts take a lot of squares and HST's
the HST tutorial I used, Method 2
the quilt top
I doubt my other chevron quilt will look this lined up
there was only one huge snafu on the pink row
I can live with it
the quilt sandwich
in my haste I forgot to tape down the back but it didn't seem to 
make a difference, everything turned out really smooth
since I didn't finish in time I boxed up a half quilted
sandwich so Grace had something to open on Xmas
I finished about a week later, sidelined by the plague
I worked on my labels at night while watching tv
I tried these binding clips and they were really easy to use
they are super expensive everywhere but Amazon
my first and only perfect binding corner
I machine sewed both sides of the binding but I am
thinking I will hand sew the second side in the future
we'll see...machine sewing is so much faster
that second row is navy but looks black here
I quilted this one inside and outside of each color edge
this allows you to "fake" some of your points if they aren't perfect
I used this Purl Bee tutorial for my chevron quilts but I skipped the white row between zig zags. You can basically figure out how big you want your quilt and adjust your block size accordingly. To make things a little easier on this one, I made all my squares 6" because I have a 6" wide ruler. That was much easier than 4-7/8" squares from the Purl Bee quilt. I added a grey strip to the top and bottom so I didn't cut off the tips of my zig zags.

The other thing that is important on a chevron quilt is a consistent seam allowance. When I started my own quilt I would cut some, sew some, cut, sew, etc. and over a period of time my idea of a 1/4" seam allowance varied so it became hard to line everything up. For Grace's quilt I did all my cutting at one time and all my sewing at one time, meaning I did all the HST's together, all the rows together, all the joining or rows together, etc. This made my sewing much more consistent. Sometimes you have to stretch the fabric to get it to line up. I still had a couple of areas that were wayyyy off but visually it isn't that noticeable. I also find a 1/4" seam allowance difficult to press so I lean towards a slightly larger allowance. I press all my seams open. I'm suspicious of anyone who doesn't.

Turns out I rushed for nothing. I didn't finish this in time for Christmas and we didn't see Grace again until LAST WEEKEND! Terrible, I know. But now she has it and I hope she loves it as much as I do.

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