February 2, 2014

Bernie's Room - done enough?

Turns out I wrote this draft a year ago...Given my dismal blogging effort in 2012 2013 it looks like there were several projects I never showed the end result. Remember the longest reno project ever?  The first post was almost four years ago. Egads. It still needs bedside tables and sconces but at the rate I'm going that could take years so here it is. I finally realized that what was stopping me from finishing this room was moohlah. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on bedside tables and sconces for a room that essentially sits empty the majority of the time. I scoured Craigslist. Went to antique and vintage stores. Shopped online sales. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I had two antique wood tables that I inherited from my Grandparents that were different sized but the same color and one day on a whim I hauled them up there and they fit. Perfectly. While not ideal, the bed is off center so we can get the closet door open. I found the bedside lights at Target on clearance for $15 each. Problem solved, and for only $30.

before - a small pink nursery
during - a long drawn out disaster
all trim was removed, stripped, painted
doors too
brass hardware was brought back to life
crown molding was added as was a new light
Elfa closet system installed
Martha Stewart's Purple Agate on the walls
BM's Chantilly Lace on the ceiling and trim
Craigslist dresser awaiting remodel
Blogger downgrades the pics so the color washed out a bit
And there you have it. Done enough, the final chapter. 

One of the other reasons I was struggling to show this room is because it was hard to photograph. But then my Secret Santa bought me a book for Christmas. Now me and my DSLR's manual mode are getting to know each other. And since I haven't talked about this room in a couple of years, the reason we refer to it as "Bernie's Room" is because that is where half his closet lives. Oh the joys of a 109 year old house. 

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