January 19, 2014

Quilt #1 - Pink Sherbet Pips

I had the fantastic idea to make quilts for three of the little girls in my life for Christmas. I had been thinking about the idea for awhile but didn't actually start until a week before Christmas. Yeah, because it is super possible to make three quilts in a week when you've never finished a pieced quilt or anything larger than a baby blanket before. Go big or go home. I got close, but this quilt is the only one that made the deadline.  I got the idea for this pink Sherbet Pips quilt from Pinterest. The fabric is just so sweet.

I bought a charm pack so the piecing only took about 45 minutes
I used this tutorial from Pickel and hand embroidered the quilt label
one down, two to go...
update: Eve's mom tells me she LOVES her quilt
woo hoo, success!!!

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