September 22, 2013

Don't Read This Post...

Don't read this post. It's sad, especially if you're a dog lover. I put this out there for my own closure. To try and let it go. I don't want to talk about it, I know you are there for me and understand how hard it is and I thank you for that.
A week ago we lost our baby...Cooper. It was a sad sad sad day...week…eventually...a month in our house. Most of you know Cooper had been having physical issues for the last year but his head and spirit were still in the game and he didn't seem to be in any pain and couldn't care less that he stumbled around. People would gasp and feel sorry for him but he would get up and go on his way, no shame. We got him a harness to help him around, I got blisters on my hand. We all managed the best we could.

Until the last two days of his life, when he couldn't walk and finally told's time. I said to him and to Bernie, I can't do this anymore, it's not fair. Cooper looked back at me and said, it's time. That was the first time he ever showed his defeat. The next day I stayed home from my trip and spent the day with him. He sat by me all day, getting loved and petted but never moving off his bed. He was so happy to be there, it made me question our decision....he had an appointment at 3pm. But when I saw him unable to move I knew it was right. We spent the last couple of hours in the back yard, loving him as he laid in the grass. 

When we were at the vet he could barely walk in but once he was settled he was so alive. So interested in what was happening. We loved him and fed him lots of treats. The fact he was still so with-it made it all the harder. But trying  to help a 110lb dog move had gotten to be very very hard. When he was laying down, all that was forgotten. I know in my head we did what was right but my heart hasn't caught up to that decision. I sob to write this. Goodbye Cooper, we love you. Good dog.
good bye my baby

September 16, 2013

New Addition

Finally! My own personal space. I've been hunting for a vintage secretary since we moved into our house. I scoured Craigslist and each time I found one I liked it was snatched up in minutes. Finally I gave up...until I decided to look one last time, and then Bam! Mission accomplished!

I bought this piece last weekend from a technologically challenged but feisty older lady that played hard to get. I was persistent. I had to submit to two in-person interviews before she would part with it and I'm pretty sure if she didn't like what she heard she would have kindly sent me on my way. She told me lots of stories about how this was her parent's first "real" piece of furniture, bought in Chicago around 1925, how she did her homework here as a child, how we can't fill in the dent on the front because it holds sentimental value (for her!) although she can't remember why, and how she was going to give it to her brother when she downsized but he died so, you know, that didn't work out.

I did some quick research online, and while the piece is good quality, and old, it certainly isn't rare or all that valuable. This piece was considered a mass-produced reproduction back in the day. But it is mahogany, in great condition, original finish, and exactly what I was looking for. Having grown up with a Chris-Craft and having refinished the wood in my Boston Whaler every couple of years I have a soft spot for mahogany.

I hope it turns out to be a pretty space that I use and not a cluttered mess like the rest of my spots around the house. I'm sure Bernie would like that as well.


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