May 29, 2013

I swear it looks better in person

Remember all our house problems from last year? Not really problems, more like dilemmas. It started with one comment from my friend Danielle about the color of our back porch. I don't even remember what she said but from that point on It Was All Yellow (key Coldplay song). It's all good though because she stained my fence. Who does that when they come to visit???  The most awesome friends ever, that's who. Since then I painted the porch and all the trim, removed the red mulch and landscaped, replaced the light fixture, added a window box and a Beyoncé rooster (knock knock), and on a whim, Bernie rebuilt the porch. We put in an awful lot of work, for a very small difference - in the pictures any way. It looks way better in person, I swear.

yellow porch, red mulch, crappy light
to prove the porch is actually a different color
new color on the bottom half, old color on the top
my mini-Beyoncé
 new LED light fixture, thanks to a tip from Matthew and my Uncle Chuck
Costco, super cheap, around $30
red mulch be gone! new hose reel
a picture for my Dad, my new cart to replace the wheelbarrow I wrecked last fall
it's a dump truck!
and now he can see I really do have a 3' x 30' garden
as strange as that may sound
Bernie replaced a bad board on the porch...
and then one bad board turned into a total rebuild.
When he got to this point and wasn't sure how to move forward
I said I wished we could get Dave Batchelder on the phone.
He'd know what to do. Bernie figured it out pretty quick.
 he replaced the red treads with dark brown ones
they're super fancy
new plants, rubber tire mulch
the stupid lavender already died
you can hardly see the difference in the photos but I know it's better
not one damn bulb has sprouted in my windowbox

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