March 24, 2013

Kitchen Gallery Wall

I'm not the biggest fan of gallery walls but our kitchen had this huge empty wall just asking for….something. This first photo is from February 2012 so I have been thinking about this damn project for over a year. I've consulted everyone I know. I've put tape on the wall. Taken it down. Put more tape back up. I don't move fast people. But it's finally done. At least I hope so.

February 2012
a year later…
I painted over that odd little door in the upper left thanks to a great suggestion by Katie
why didn't I think of that?
I had been loving on the ödby frames since our Ikea first opened. When I started this project last year I had decided to only hang 4 frames in the kitchen so that was how many I had. In the end I decided to hang 6 (although I really wanted 9 but thought it would be odd to look up for the top row). No big deal right? Because I can just zip on over to Ikea to buy a couple more. But then, in an unforeseen plot twist, Ikea tried its best to screw me.  I ordered the 8x10's, framed the first four, and painstakingly hung them on french cleats. A couple of days later I skipped on over to Ikea and strolled happily through the kitchen wares and lighting only to stand stunned at the empty shelves where my frames should be. I almost fell over when one of the yellow shirt guys told me they were discontinued. Do you know how long it took me to hang those 4 mutherf*@$ing frames????? (FYI - Three days, two levels, a tape measure, a drill, and a screw driver). I must have 2 more, anything less is not an option! 
…and here we sit
I went home and started working on my contingency plan, checking stock at every Ikea I would be near in the next two weeks and every Ikea within 50 miles of any friends. Luckily, Bernie's cousin Jen swooped in and saved the day. The next day she sped on over to the Ikea in Canton, Michigan and grabbed me up two more frames. Crisis adverted!!! As it so happens, Jen was coming to visit us in a few weeks and she was able to bring the frames. Yeah! 
Even though I replaced the glass with anti-glare they still don't photograph well. Most of the pics were taken in Le Marais when Bernie and I went to Paris except for the photo of the wine and Croque Madame, that was taken when Shaboom and I went to Le Café Marly at the Louvre on my first trip to Paris. Best 12 hours in Paris ever!
So, is it finished? I think so. But Bernie said he wants 3 more frames on the top row. 3 more discontinued frames. 
le sigh. 
What do you think????

if you're interested, the wall color is BM's Bitter Chocolate 

March 17, 2013


Bernie's cousins Jen and Nipper came to visit us
I got on skis for the first time in about 6 years
they went to Vail the day before, I slept in
it was a gorgeous day at Loveland
fun was had and no one died
apparently no one got a single picture of Nipper
I had to steal that one from one of his videos
Jenny looking glamorous on the ski lift

 skiing scheming, it's beer thirty

March 9, 2013

Clyfford Still Museum part deux

Clyfford Still Museum

some of the lesser known pieces
so different from his big works of color

Clyfford Still Museum

We went to the Clyfford Still Museum today for the first time. It was incredible. 
they designed the museum specifically for Clyfford Still
the space is perfect for his works
mostly my camera did not do it justice

Clyfford Still
RED/YELLOW/BLUE (and Black and White)

Bernie's favorite piece below
my favorite piece below
Still not only has enough works to fill his own museum but
it will take a decade or two to cycle through them all

March 5, 2013


Pics from a couple of my trips to Chicago.
I love that bean!
and as if Starbucks couldn't get any better…
I met Kathleen at an awesome one that serves wine!
Best. People. Watching. Ever.


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