February 10, 2013

If the Mitten and the U.P. could ride a bike...

I'm trying to keep in the habit of blogging so you may have to suffer through some weak posts. The Never Ending Project, also known as our house, continues to keep us busy. If you ever consider owning an old home you had better like working with wood - fixing, stripping, sanding, staining, etc. etc. Bernie decided to take on a little project like making our pocket doors pretty and functional. I wanted to paint the small upstairs hall which turned into the hall, the hall ceiling, and the stairwell. I get to climb on a ladder placed awkwardly on the stairs and risk my life two floors up. Stupid idea. More to come on all of that. 

awesome tee-shirt courtesy of my friend Danielle - took me a minute to figure out what the hell
if you don't get it, you probably aren't from Michigan

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