February 12, 2013

I need to spend less time on Pinterest...

…and more time working out. I'll get right on that. In the meantime, check it:

I made this kale and brussels sprouts salad. It tasted EXACTLY like the one you can buy at the Whole Foods deli so don't waste your time. I love that salad by the way.
I waffle between wanting to give up coffee and wishing I had a beautiful set-up like this in my house
can someone find me a sconce like this in brass (you heard me) that is under $150?
you people are great finders, I have no doubt you will come through (Amy, Jen?)
a couple of birds send me images of beautiful chevron quilts in an attempt to get me over to the dark side. the dark side of sewing. it appears to be worse than a heroin addiction.
my new work bag, the Bleeker Legacy tote from Coach's mens line
their mens bags are sturdier and they aren't all manly
a splurge for sure, but he's so pretty!
I really wanted it in Ocean but didn't have the stones to be so bold
I know I will bitch about all the hard work, but I can't wait to finish our landscaping!
So many pretty photos, so little yard.
and lastly, the only thing better than Ryan Gosling pins…
happy pinning


  1. Interesting blogsite. That garden appears to be studded with lavender and what caught my sight is the funny and angry cat's face.

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