July 29, 2012

Alden Days 2011

I don't think I posted these pics on the ole blog last year after Bernie, Maura, and I went to Alden, and since we didn't make it to Alden Days this year I thought we would attend in spirit. All the Hoffman-Knapp's descend on Alden every year for Alden Days. Last year the DiClaudio's were nice enough to let us use their beautiful home which was just a hop, skip and a jump from the Knapp's house. We had a great time as usual and I hope everyone had fun this year…sniff...without us…sniff sniff.
The DiClaudio's cottage
relaxing at the Knapp's
Bernie teaching Jack how to tinker
a tribute to Tonga
little Charlie Tru charming his Aunt Nenny
 The Alden Run - Maura's first 5k
 Maura wore flip flops
I didn't warn her there would be a 5k in her future
next year I'll teach her the art of looking fast at the finish even if you walk the whole way
the dragon didn't survive the big move
 the big parade
 Jen and the kids in the parade
Maura has her parade wave down
 Bernie and Ginger howling
Jack waving at the po po
 my Dad would be proud, Maura and I made the required pilgrimage to "the sign"
our first trip there together
when I visited a few weeks ago she told me that trip "was like the best 4 days of my life"
*still smiling over that one*
the Knapp's have that effect on people

July 15, 2012

Landscaping Project #2 & Grow Dammit Grow

We did a mini-landscaping project in the back yard a couple of weeks ago in our continuing attempt to rid our property of the red mulch we inherited.  This would have been a super easy project except I had to dig/chop/pull up huge tree roots from a tree the neighbors had removed last year that was busting through our fence and probably would have broken up our sidewalk eventually. It was back breaking work involving a shovel, a pitch fork, tree trimmers and an axe, 100F degree sun, several bags of clay buster and rubber mulch, a lot of sweat, and a few mother f#@$ers said by moi. Side note: I asked Bernie to buy me an axe thinking one of those little hand axes…he bought me Paul Bunyan's axe so I'm surprised I still have all my limbs. Only one sprinkler line died in the process.
I planted a couple of "Golden Thunder" barberry bushes, 3 different lavender plants (Provence, English, and white), and a "Vienna" hydrangea. They are a bit too close together but I had already bought the plants then ran out of time before a trip so I figured I would get them in the ground and move one later if I had to. It isn't 100% done because I want a strip of edging and more mulch but you get the idea. We'll get our yard looking good…one little strip at a time. Another side note: see that fenced in area in the corner? Doesn't it look like the perfect area to keep some chickens??? I'm still thinking about that one…plus I'm not sure if our neighbor would appreciate chickens watching her do laundry.
Not the best picture, but I snapped this with my phone when I was in Cherry Creek and it was my inspiration for this project. I loved the way the green and purple of the lavender played off the bright yellow and green of the barberry bushes. It looked way more pretty in person I swear.

The garden is doing ok this year even though I've neglected it since I've been traveling a lot. The garlic is 90% pulled so I have to finish that up and plant some more veggies in its place. But to be honest, between the garden, the new raised bed, and the two landscaping projects I've had enough of yard work for the year. We're growing pretty much the same things as we have the last two years: tomatoes, cucumbers, brussels sprouts, lots of basil, garlic, chard, kale, lettuce, carrots, beans plus shallots, leeks, and bunching onions / shallots. I planted two kinds of peas too but I waited too long and it has been so hot they were a no-go.

tomatoes, garlic, brussels sprouts, basil, cukes, and leeks
our compost pile and new raised bed with French green beans on the trellis
lettuce, carrots, shallots, and chard

July 8, 2012

Happy Sunday

Maura took this beautiful picture at the cottage last weekend
 Cooper and Molly napping this weekend
(for those of you that don't know…Bernie adopted Molly last weekend)
Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday


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