May 25, 2012

Beauty & Essex

I met a friend that lives near NYC for brunch and she picked a place over on the lower east side - Beauty & Essex When I got there I thought I was in the wrong place because it looked nothing like a restaurant from the outside. It was the perfect example of a book not matching its cover. The inside was gorgeous and the lighting was amazing (not that you can tell from my pictures but trust). It was great catching up with an old friend over yummy food and a few cocktails. Afterwards we zig zagged our way from the east side to the west side and hit every Marc Jacobs store in between. I dated a navy bag for about 30 minutes on Mercer St. but things didn't work out. The only bad part was I walked 20+ minutes back to my hotel in the pouring rain. Not a cab to be found and no good subway route. My current purse was pissed at me for cheating on her with the MJ bag and decided to stain my trench coat black. Bitch.
I borrowed this pic from their website

May 20, 2012

The Mercer Kitchen

I went to a bunch of great restaurants when I was in NYC last month. I stayed in SOHO for the first time which was so much better than the more touristy areas. I had a perfectly quiet Sunday breakfast at The Mercer…I only wish that was my hotel too.

May 17, 2012

Lazy Dogs

I feel like I am so behind in blogging but I guess there really isn't a schedule right? Here is a picture I took of my boys relaxing on the porch while I was scrubbing wood work in the parlor after the remodel. I had every intention of doing the whole first floor but so far I have only done the one room. The dog is on high alert because there is danger walking by our house at all times (in his head anyway).

May 6, 2012

Favorite Pins of the Last Two Weeks

love this look, so chic
 this off center artwork might be just what our 
parlor needs to create some balance
I made this ramp pesto pasta with asparagus 
last week and it was yummy and fresh
 could our porch use some ferns? I think so!
 I made this grown up mac & cheese last night and it was incredible but possibly the most unhealthy thing I have ever made. Seriously. There was a lot of sauce - next time I would use half the cream and goat cheese and you would still have plenty of sauce. Or substitute some of the cream with milk. I would also roast a head of garlic and put those in at the end. So good!!! Make a big salad and keep your portion very small.
 some pics of our house
I can't wait to try some of these smoothies from goop
 why can't Chanel be more affordable? le sighhhh
 If I had chickens they might live here
you can find my pins here

May 3, 2012

Obama Came to Our House Last Week!!!

Well, almost to our house. Just across the street in City Park. The motorcade went right by our dining room windows (aka my office) but I was too stunned to grab the camera. We didn't see a whole lot of Obama in the park but the helicopters were nothing short of awesome. They did a training run over the weekend and the Chinooks flew directly at our house when they left - totally crazy! 

there were 2 possible Marine One's
and 3 of these bad asses
Cooper wanted to look his best to see the President
Mission Accomplished
Is that him??? I think so!

May 1, 2012

Parlor Reveal

We still have plenty of accessorizing to do but this is as close to finished as our parlor has been since we moved in almost 3 years ago! See the before pics here. Just a couple of months ago the walls were too blue, we didn't have any lighting, and our chairs were in desperate need of new fabric. Now all those problems are fixed!

I'm absolutely in love with the new wall color
Cornforth White from Farrow & Ball
Not sure if the gold lamp will stay or go or change colors.
Our Michelle Armas painting looks better with the new wall color. I've hung her high, I've hung her low, I've hung her in between and something still seems just a bit off with the placement. Any ideas?
Remember Bubbles? She doesn't show up too well in these pictures but she's gorgeous and we love her. She came from Interior Homescapes just in the nick of time before our house guests arrived thanks to Chris Campbell who provided some fantastic customer service. Thanks again! We used a push button dimmer switch from Schoolhouse Electric with an antique black cover plate.
I bought these vintage Drexel chairs from Mod Livin' awhile ago and Bernie really did not like them one bit. I got them redone anyway because I was sure I had made the right choice buying these chairs (and I was right, seriously, how awesome are they?). Now that they have new fabric and new cushions he loves them and we sit in the parlor all the time. The upholstery was done in less than two weeks by Tien Nguyen's Furniture Upholstery in Denver. Tien beat his 3 week estimate (by a lot) so we could have these chairs in time for Danielle and Boyd's visit. It was great that we had their visit as a deadline or we would probably still be painting. And I'm lucky that all the stars aligned and we were able to get everything done in time.
I work from home most days out of our dining room. Every time I look over at the parlor I swoon just a little bit. It is hard to see in this picture, but the reflection of the stained glass in the mirror is just so pretty. And I love the green tones of the plants and accessories against the grey. I put all our "stuff" in one corner of the room and let Danielle move things around when she visited last month. Good idea on my part, she made some great choices that I would not have thought of. We still have plenty of finishing touches to do but now we can actually enjoy this room - yeah! Makes you want to come visit us right?
now…what will our next project be???


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