March 26, 2012


A little break from home renovations posts...
A few weeks ago we had dinner at Venue in the Denver Highlands, incredible as usual.
We had a bit of a wait but they gave us a huge glass of champagne to tide us over.
Charcuterie and Burgundy wine? why yes, I think I will!
 beef short rib? big surprise!
an iphone pic that makes me look incredible? I'll take it!!!
Did I mention I had a groupon? $25 for $50 worth of food.
We got a $25 parking ticket.
sometimes life aint nuthin but a mutherf#@ker

March 23, 2012

Mystery Solved! Meet...Bubbles

Give your friends a challenge and poof! You have your answer when you wake up in the morning! Thanks Amy - you are amazing!!! This week I determined I MUST have this chandy for our parlor but figured I would never find it. But thanks to my friend Amy, here she is, the Bubbles chandelier:
I assumed she would turn out to be some high end vintage item like this one for a mere $11,000
or a priceless beauty like this iconic Sputnik fixture at the Met
shut up! so gorgeous I can't stand it!
the only problem with Bubbles is she is kind of a full figured lady
her 32" waist just doesn't work in a room with 9' ceilings
and she has an Upper Class price tag if you catch my drift
But Wait! All hope is not lost!
as it turns out, Bubbles has a little sister
and she has found her forever home
after a facebook fan discount
and$20 google coupon
and free shipping
she's even prettier than I imagined
I'm still going to call her Bubbles
I can't wait to see her doing her thang in our parlor in 1-2 weeks

March 22, 2012

Latest Obsession

Can someone please find me a light like this for our parlor?

March 16, 2012

And then there was light...

Her shiny pretty parts won't go on until construction and paint is over but we finally have light in our entry!!!
For the first time in almost 3 years we can see stuff!
She has a dimmer and everything because we're that fancy.
let's hope she turns out as pretty as this high end model

March 10, 2012


We finally made it to dinner at Rioja during Denver Restaurant Week. I've been wanting to go forever and man was it worth the wait! Soooo good. It was the best Denver restaurant I've been to in awhile. Spanish food. Great service. What else could you ask for? If you don't take advantage of Restaurant Week you're missing out on a great deal. For $52.80, a couple can have a three course meal at any of the best restaurants in town. It is the perfect way to try out someplace new without breaking the bank. I appreciated that instead of just offering a prix fixe menu, you could get anything off their menu for an additional price. My entree was an additional $8 but everything else (except the wine) was included. So good, can't wait to go back. I would probably order the same damn thing, seriously.
I can't remember what wine we ordered
a Spanish garnacha
very good
 a "picnic" of artisan meats, cheese, olives, fennel salad, almonds
 big surprise here - I had beef short ribs with brussels sprouts
it was incredible, one of the best I've ever had
 Bernie got a sushi grade salmon filet that he absolutely loved
hazelnut tortamisu
 I never would have ordered this dessert based on the menu description
but I saw it being made and it looked incredible and tasted even better
 Larimer Square
So, who wants to go to dinner? I'm ready to go back!

March 2, 2012

What the What?

I went to get the mail today and found these guys in our yard. Excuse me Mr. Goose, are you lost? There are a ton of geese in City Park but I have never seen them in our yard before. The dog gave them a look but no woofs. Some guard dog you are.

March 1, 2012

Week 2 - dust in the city

Week 2 of our latest home renovations and our first floor is full of dust and plastic. It's like we never moved in and we're starting from scratch. Very dusty and dirty but it's coming along. Bernie has run into a few surprises (unexpected steel beam next to 3 main original beams - surprise!) and we finally got the answer to whether or not the wall between the parlor and entry is original (sadly, it is not but it stays as long as I'm around).

ugh…that fire place…certainly not original
we'll deal with that eventually
might paint it out in the meantime
My little kitchen project should have been easy peasy: hang some frames. But when we painted it 2.5 years ago we had a bad paint roller that left fuzz all over the main wall and it has been driving me bananas ever since. I figured the house is already dusty so I busted out the sander and went to town. The chalk board from the previous owners started to show its ugly head. Add to that job some trim we never finished painting and a ceiling that we touched up with the wrong color paint and I pretty much have to repaint a little bit of everything in the kitchen. I should tone down the gloss but that would mean a shit ton of cutting in around the cabinets, doors, and window. I just wanted to hang a few pictures!?!
the smarty pants in me covered the hard to clean chandelier
the dummy in me turned on the chandelier
now the kitchen smells like burnt plastic now
see the bulbs poking out? yep, genius
 the dog is très put-out by the whole thing
on a positive note, the switches and the chair fabric are here
just over 4 weeks until our friends come visit
tick tock tick tock tick tock


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