January 26, 2012

NYC part deux

Well, it took me over a month but here are the rest of my pictures from my trip to NYC. I've been on a real blog drought as of late. I got nothin' to say! But I figured I could at least share some photos. So here you go. 

2 of my 3 favorite buildings in NYC
(the Chrysler building is my absolute fav)
checked out the new marimekko store - so many bold colors and patterns
I finally made my way to ABC Carpet & Home - huge store, huge! I came across the cabinet on the left which looked crazy similar to the one I bought off Craigslist for around $200. It's been awhile so I forgot the price but I think the new one was a few thousand $$$'s. I like mine better, especially the price!

ABC's carpet store is across the street from the home department and is full of Madeline Weinrib goodness. I spent a decent amount of time sifting through the sale pile and wondering if I could drag one of her rugs onto the plane. If I found the right rug, believe me I would have made that shit happen.
I had to stop at the new Ladurée. 
The macarons might taste the same, but the store wasn't nearly as pretty as the ones in Paris.
I waited in line forever, but it was worth it. 
view from the cab ride to the airport, I wish I had a pic of all the santa's I saw on my way to the city
no editing on this photo, just cool natural lighting and a great skyline

I used CameraBag to edit the photos, was playing around with the 2.0 beta version which is FREE

January 2, 2012

Blog in Review

I've read a lot of Blog in Review posts this week and I honestly had no intention of doing one but then I checked my "stats" and saw I just passed 20,000 page views! I know that is probably a few hours worth for some of the über popular blogs out there, but I thought it was a pretty big milestone for my little ole blog with a whopping 45 followers (help a girl out, let's make it 50!!!). Here are my top 3 posts according to Blogger:

the place where I bought the stencil put pics up on their website, check it! 
I'll take that as a compliment - thanks!

The Builder's Special Remodel From Our Last House
I spent all day searching for the damn "before" pic!
We made the best of a bad situation for not a lot of money

still very much a work in progress

I can't believe I've written over 250 blog entries! It has been just over 2 years so that is not a ton but still, 250!!! I took a look back to remember some of my favorites. I've shared plenty of our house and garden, favorite recipes, detox, my challenges with braised beef, etc. But I'll always be partial to my first post, it was probably the most personal. Some of my other favorites:

My first trip to Paris, all 12 hours of it!
All the hard work we did restoring "Bernie's Room".
Becoming reacquainted with my grandparent's china.
Not the most interesting for some, but I enjoyed researching the old City Park fountain.
Our Paris vacation here and here.
Cute pics of Cooper here, here, and here.

thanks so much for reading & encouraging me to keep on writing
goodbye 2011.  hello 2012!

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

We spent our third NYE at Barolo Grill, and honestly (to our surprise), it wasn't nearly as good as past visits. I've always thought the service and wait staff knowledge at Barolo was some of the best anywhere, but not this time. Not a single person came to ask us how our food was, not once. One waiter practically threw one of the courses down and was walking away before the plate hit the table. The wrong item was brought out for two of my courses, no apology to be found. The owner was walking around talking to many tables around us, but not ours. An acknowledgement of the errors would have went a long way to keeping our opinion of Barolo high.

The wine pairings were unusually small pours, and weren't a great compliment to the food. And while it might be unusual to complain about being served too much food, with 5 courses, the portions should be smaller. I was stuffed before the Secondi Piatti was served. Overall, it was still a good time. It's always fun to get dressed up and go out and there was some very interesting people watching. But I think next year we might be on the hunt for some place new. 
 my Insalate - spinach salad with pancetta and braised pork belly
Bernie had the roasted beet salad with goat cheese
Bernie really enjoyed his Secondi Piatti - roasted pheasant
I had a wonderful beef tenderloin that was served with
some pretty unappetizing lentils
the Dolce was pretty awesome - espresso cake,
pineapple relish, and a killer salted caramel sauce
very fancy presentation
 I got a little behind in my wine pairings…how is that possible?
Did I mention we were sleeping by 11:45? We are so wild.
Happy New Year!!!


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