September 28, 2012

The most anti-climactic ending to HP#2

If you missed it, read all about HP#2 here. I'm not going to recap…basically I decided the color I painted our back porch was too close to the yellow I was trying to get rid of so I went out and got 4 more paint samples. I totally knew better but I did it anyway. When none of those colors worked I started mixing them together and then I tried those out. When none of those worked I put two of the color samples into the rest of my gallon of tan color and called it a day. You totally can't tell from the pictures but it is a little darker with the slightest smidgen of grey and it's a more noticeable difference than before. I only painted the bottom 3/4 of each wall so I could work on my landscaping (notice another section of red mulch is gone baby gone!). On a positive note, if I ever decide to paint the window sills and/or trim there are a couple of possibilities here in the dark brown family don't you think?
 after paint samples 1-5 but before samples 6-9
you can barely see the difference
I stopped painting about a foot up from the bottom right of the window
 after samples 1-9
see? you can totally tell now
and if you can't, keep it to yourself
I'm going broke on paint samples
red mulch gone, 3 new perennials planted, bulbs waiting to be planted
a window box is on the way
Bernie needs to paint the bottom of the trim before I can finish the flower bed
more to come sometime before snowfall
most boring blog ever…sigh



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