September 22, 2012

House Problem #2

Before I even knew I had House Problem #1 I had been struggling with HP#2 for at least a month. Come to think of it, HP#2 is actually HP#1. I never understood why our little back porch was painted yellow. It kind of stands out like a sore thumb. The neighbors house blends into their brick and you barely even notice it which is what I would like to happen with our porch since there isn't anything so special about it that you would want it to stand out.
 So I got a few paint samples but our brick is super hard to work with so I got a couple more...
and when those didn't work I started mixing them all together and sampled a few more...

And then I chose a winner which was obviously a different color than we already had…until I bought a gallon and then it wasn't different at all (in the pic below the new color is below the window, old color above). F*ck me. In person it is a toned down improvement over the yellow but if I'm going to be totally honest I think if Bernie painted the whole thing while I was away I wouldn't notice that it was a different color. When I painted the swatch there was a much bigger difference but somehow it didn't turnout that way.
So I was struggling with whether or not to paint the porch the same damn color it already is or go back to the drawing board when HP#1 through another wrench into my plan. I'm off to Home Depot to get some more paint samples which I know won't work because every time I try to put a hint of grey next to those damn bricks it laughs in my face. But maybe this time will be different...

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