June 23, 2012

This Totally Happened

Yes, that IS a bottle of wine in my seat back pocket. Why you ask?
Well it isn't because I've taken to bringing full bottles of wine on flights, that's for sure! Well, not yet anyway. Today I flew first class from Denver to Philly and there was turbulence for at least the first two hours. Our flight attendant didn't know if she could get through the lunch service or if she could get back to refill our drinks so she opened a bottle, poured me a glass, and shoved the bottle in my seat back pocket, "Just in case!" No, I didn't drink the whole bottle. Yes, I gave it back at the end of the flight even under protest from the flight attendant that I could keep it. Yes, she did this for several passengers and it had nothing to do with her having some super sleuth ability that allowed her to detect my propensity for drinking wine. Turns out on the same route a couple months ago a flight attendant hit the ceiling during bad turbulence so ours was understandably cautious.

1 comment:

  1. Lol! That's awesome :)
    I have to confess that I would have taken the bottle with me.



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