June 23, 2012

This Totally Happened

Yes, that IS a bottle of wine in my seat back pocket. Why you ask?
Well it isn't because I've taken to bringing full bottles of wine on flights, that's for sure! Well, not yet anyway. Today I flew first class from Denver to Philly and there was turbulence for at least the first two hours. Our flight attendant didn't know if she could get through the lunch service or if she could get back to refill our drinks so she opened a bottle, poured me a glass, and shoved the bottle in my seat back pocket, "Just in case!" No, I didn't drink the whole bottle. Yes, I gave it back at the end of the flight even under protest from the flight attendant that I could keep it. Yes, she did this for several passengers and it had nothing to do with her having some super sleuth ability that allowed her to detect my propensity for drinking wine. Turns out on the same route a couple months ago a flight attendant hit the ceiling during bad turbulence so ours was understandably cautious.

June 19, 2012

Favorite Pins of the Last Few Weeks

I've searched high and low for a summer bag but I'm coming up empty
this one's cute but of course it isn't available anymore
I've given up on the perfect bag and now I only have landscaping on the brain
nice neat beds, gorgeous hostas, lavender…oh my!
 the other obsession of the week has been garlic scapes
but only because they only happen once a year and I have a shit ton to cut and eat ASAP
last year we didn't eat a single one so I'm way ahead of the curve this year
I made this garlic scape pesto last week and we had it on pasta the first
night and on paninis the second. It was just okay, very strong. 
Then I made this version last night and it was so good - yum!
 I also made garlic scape carbonara but I didn't think the scapes stood out in any way
and it wasn't the best carbonara recipe I've ever used
I made this chia seed smoothie, I added coconut to mine
it tasted like a healthy pina colada
I kind of love every room in this home
And what dog wouldn't want this dome thingy?
Cooper would dirty up that thing in a hot second
Last but not least…the bloggess created an effective luggage
tag to deter theives…I wouldn't steal this bag, would you???
and on that note-

June 15, 2012

Landscaping Project #1

We've spent a lot of time working on the inside of our house and the vegetable garden but zero effort has been placed on the landscape and it is starting to show. Let me tell you, landscaping is back breaking work and it can get expensive fast. But worse than that, I have no idea what I'm doing. Shade vs. sun, tall or short, flowers or evergreen, there is so much to think about! Did you know you can get a sunburn if you spend too much time mulling over things at the garden center? It's true.

Bernie wants to rip out all the bushes in the front of the house but I keep telling him we need a plan first. And honestly, ripping out 4 humongous bushes is a little too overwhelming right now so I decided to start with the area along the side of the house which was nothing but a thin strip of the ugly red mulch that plagues our yard. Every year we remove another section but still there is more red mulch…

Here it is, the before pic, eek!
pretty lawn, but everything else is in need of a makeover
When our friends visited in April we did a lot of power washing and staining
Since then we have stained the rest of the fence but it could use another coat
This area seemed more manageable than the front yard and there is a meter and some window bars that could definitely use some camouflage.  A lot can change in a neighborhood over 100 years, at one point it looks like there were bars on all the windows, not just the ones for the basement!
7 small day lilies, 2 lavender, 2 hostas, and a rhododendron are in the middle section
 l to r: peony, tower boxwood, hosta, barberry, russian sage
there is a boxwood on each end of the house
they are supposed to grow 9' tall and not very wide
We removed the mulch, widened the bed, gave it a curvy shape, put in new edging, and then I put down brown rubber mulch that is supposed to keep its color for 10 years. My only regret is that we didn't make the bed wider. In some areas when I've dug down to plant something I've run into the foundation. Turns out the foundation sticks out further than the house. 

You'll have to use your imagination and I'll have to keep my fingers crossed that everything will fill in and look balanced. I bought the smallest perennials possible to keep costs down and it is going to take years for some of them to reach full size. I'm hoping everything survives given this is one of the shadiest parts of our yard.

does everyone have a stalker watching them work?
Next up? Probably the back of the house. This one is all me, Bernie has no interest in helping with this project. I want to paint the back porch to blend in with the house vs. the way it sticks out now, add a window box, remove another section of the nasty ass red mulch and beautify with some plants. Easy enough, right? Famous last words...

June 8, 2012

My Office

After traveling every week for the last 4 weeks I'm finally back at my "desk" aka the dining room table. But I can't complain because when I look out the windows I see our lovely park. And when I look to my right I see this and it makes me smile:

June 4, 2012

Grow Dammit Grow

a few Spring yard and garden pics
garlic - 4 varieties
lettuce in our new raised bed


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