May 6, 2012

Favorite Pins of the Last Two Weeks

love this look, so chic
 this off center artwork might be just what our 
parlor needs to create some balance
I made this ramp pesto pasta with asparagus 
last week and it was yummy and fresh
 could our porch use some ferns? I think so!
 I made this grown up mac & cheese last night and it was incredible but possibly the most unhealthy thing I have ever made. Seriously. There was a lot of sauce - next time I would use half the cream and goat cheese and you would still have plenty of sauce. Or substitute some of the cream with milk. I would also roast a head of garlic and put those in at the end. So good!!! Make a big salad and keep your portion very small.
 some pics of our house
I can't wait to try some of these smoothies from goop
 why can't Chanel be more affordable? le sighhhh
 If I had chickens they might live here
you can find my pins here

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