May 25, 2012

Beauty & Essex

I met a friend that lives near NYC for brunch and she picked a place over on the lower east side - Beauty & Essex When I got there I thought I was in the wrong place because it looked nothing like a restaurant from the outside. It was the perfect example of a book not matching its cover. The inside was gorgeous and the lighting was amazing (not that you can tell from my pictures but trust). It was great catching up with an old friend over yummy food and a few cocktails. Afterwards we zig zagged our way from the east side to the west side and hit every Marc Jacobs store in between. I dated a navy bag for about 30 minutes on Mercer St. but things didn't work out. The only bad part was I walked 20+ minutes back to my hotel in the pouring rain. Not a cab to be found and no good subway route. My current purse was pissed at me for cheating on her with the MJ bag and decided to stain my trench coat black. Bitch.
I borrowed this pic from their website

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