April 10, 2012

Entryway - ta-da!

We've finally finished some major projects around Chez Hoffman
We added a new light in the entryway where there was never one before
cutting holes, running electrical, patching walls - all messy business
but pretty awesome after spending almost 3 years in the dark

love the chandelier, so pretty
but it took both of us like an hour to get all those glass balls up there
my grandparents marble topped table and a Tiffany style
lamp from my Uncle Chuck and Matthew
this is a huge photo of City Park from the 1940's I found online at the Denver Public Library
you can access their archives online and order prints right off their website for cheap
we put in old style push button switches from Schoolhouse Electric like our house used to have
Remember the craigslist bench? I put some fabric on it awhile back - love.
I want to paint it black but B- says no so for now it stays. le sigh
Still need something on the walls - a picture? a mirror? artwork?

schumacher chiang mai dragon in china blue
I fell in love with that blue dragon after I saw this fabulous powder room

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