April 21, 2012

Yeah for Ikea!

After, like, a decade of speculation we finally got an Ikea lat year. Mostly I've just bought picture frames…until today. Finally, after almost 3 years, we have chairs and a little table for our balcony! We had a beer to celebrate!
Cooper was on high alert - woofing at all the danger
you know, like poodles, and old people
and people playing Frisbee in City Park
Ikea chairs here
If you want to spend 6-7 times as much…West Elm version here

April 15, 2012

Parlor Before

A little walk down memory lane before the big reveal…
Our parlor has been in constant evolution since we moved in almost 3 years ago.

the day we moved in August 2009, brown on brown
walls were painted BM's Beach Glass
the daybed and jute rug eventually moved to the front porch
the sheepskin rug moved upstairs
then came the new couch and the craigslist wingbacks
the wall color really started to feel too blue and too dark
 things started to make more since when I found the deal of 
the century anthro rug and the Drexel chairs from Mod Livin'
 then we commissioned a painting from  Michelle Armas
but hung it a bit too high
in March we decided to finally install lights in our front two rooms
demo and dust, my least favorite things
that splotch on the wall is the new paint color
Bernie tried to sand down the ancient wallpaper lines
and fix some plaster rot in the corner
that's code for even bigger mess and more dust
 the new paint color going up - Farrow & Ball's Cornforth White
it is the perfect grey and I love love love it
the dog does not like all the disruption
last minute decision - painted the fireplace white
it wasn't original and it wasn't very pretty
we've been using BM's Chantilly Lace throughout the house

it's taking forever, but it's coming together…to be continued

April 14, 2012

For Sale - chandelier

Long story, but we have a second chandelier that matches the one in our dining room. Finally got around to putting it on Craigslist. New in box. Listing here. If you're interested, let me know.

April 13, 2012

We Have the Most Awesome Friends...

…but they worked us like dogs! Just kidding. Kind of. Our very good friends Danielle and Boyd and their daughter Reese came to stay with us for a long Easter vacation. Bernie and I had just finished a whirlwind of house projects that we gave ourselves a hard deadline on which we usually never do. It was nice because our projects didn't drag out but we worked our asses off in the process. More to come on all of the inside work later. 

Anyway…I was just at Danielle and Boyd's house a couple of days before their visit because of a last minute work trip and I commented on how nice their deck looks. Turns out, Boyd had found some wonder mitt at Lowes that made staining stuff super easy. Coincidentally, we have to stain our entire fence and pergola this year and we weren't looking forward to it. Long story a little less long…they told us to go get the mitts and they would help! Seriously??? Who goes on vacation and stains their hosts fence??? The most awesome house guests ever, that's who! We somehow own a paint sprayer now too.

south fence before, desperately needed stain
after - did I mention Danielle power washed the entire fence???
it's not as orange as in the pics I swear
pergola "before", hard to tell but it was really weathered
Bernie and Boyd sanded it first and then used 
the mitts to put on two coats of stain
took them less than an hour
I put the lights back up, all LED now
I was two strands short
To top it off our friends helped level out our patio pavers and put down new sand. Our patio area is not open for business! Danielle and Boyd have set a new standard for house guests. You'll have to think about what project you're going to help us with when you come visit! I'm thinking….landscaping! Who's in?

April 10, 2012

Entryway - ta-da!

We've finally finished some major projects around Chez Hoffman
We added a new light in the entryway where there was never one before
cutting holes, running electrical, patching walls - all messy business
but pretty awesome after spending almost 3 years in the dark

love the chandelier, so pretty
but it took both of us like an hour to get all those glass balls up there
my grandparents marble topped table and a Tiffany style
lamp from my Uncle Chuck and Matthew
this is a huge photo of City Park from the 1940's I found online at the Denver Public Library
you can access their archives online and order prints right off their website for cheap
we put in old style push button switches from Schoolhouse Electric like our house used to have
Remember the craigslist bench? I put some fabric on it awhile back - love.
I want to paint it black but B- says no so for now it stays. le sigh
Still need something on the walls - a picture? a mirror? artwork?

schumacher chiang mai dragon in china blue
I fell in love with that blue dragon after I saw this fabulous powder room

April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

We had house guests this weekend, including a 4 year old.
I haven't done an Easter egg hunt in years!
Reese ran around our back yard yelling, "I JUST LOVVVVVEEEEEE EASTER!!!!"
ahhh, to be young again

sneaky bunny
bunny on the hunt
 where are the rest of the eggs????
 bunny and her family - Danielle, Boyd, & Reese
 happy bunny
The End!

April 1, 2012

No More (chair) Drama

Remember all the chair drama we've been having for the last couple of years? 
Well, it's over. 
here's a little sneak peak - before and after

I think they're handsome, and with new cushions, it doesn't feel like you're sitting on the floor!


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