March 1, 2012

Week 2 - dust in the city

Week 2 of our latest home renovations and our first floor is full of dust and plastic. It's like we never moved in and we're starting from scratch. Very dusty and dirty but it's coming along. Bernie has run into a few surprises (unexpected steel beam next to 3 main original beams - surprise!) and we finally got the answer to whether or not the wall between the parlor and entry is original (sadly, it is not but it stays as long as I'm around).

ugh…that fire place…certainly not original
we'll deal with that eventually
might paint it out in the meantime
My little kitchen project should have been easy peasy: hang some frames. But when we painted it 2.5 years ago we had a bad paint roller that left fuzz all over the main wall and it has been driving me bananas ever since. I figured the house is already dusty so I busted out the sander and went to town. The chalk board from the previous owners started to show its ugly head. Add to that job some trim we never finished painting and a ceiling that we touched up with the wrong color paint and I pretty much have to repaint a little bit of everything in the kitchen. I should tone down the gloss but that would mean a shit ton of cutting in around the cabinets, doors, and window. I just wanted to hang a few pictures!?!
the smarty pants in me covered the hard to clean chandelier
the dummy in me turned on the chandelier
now the kitchen smells like burnt plastic now
see the bulbs poking out? yep, genius
 the dog is très put-out by the whole thing
on a positive note, the switches and the chair fabric are here
just over 4 weeks until our friends come visit
tick tock tick tock tick tock

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