March 23, 2012

Mystery Solved! Meet...Bubbles

Give your friends a challenge and poof! You have your answer when you wake up in the morning! Thanks Amy - you are amazing!!! This week I determined I MUST have this chandy for our parlor but figured I would never find it. But thanks to my friend Amy, here she is, the Bubbles chandelier:
I assumed she would turn out to be some high end vintage item like this one for a mere $11,000
or a priceless beauty like this iconic Sputnik fixture at the Met
shut up! so gorgeous I can't stand it!
the only problem with Bubbles is she is kind of a full figured lady
her 32" waist just doesn't work in a room with 9' ceilings
and she has an Upper Class price tag if you catch my drift
But Wait! All hope is not lost!
as it turns out, Bubbles has a little sister
and she has found her forever home
after a facebook fan discount
and$20 google coupon
and free shipping
she's even prettier than I imagined
I'm still going to call her Bubbles
I can't wait to see her doing her thang in our parlor in 1-2 weeks


  1. Thanks! She was shipped TODAY so she'll be installed by the time I get home from NYC next week :)



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