February 20, 2012

We're moving and we're shaking

This morning my husband said, "it looks like our home projects threw up all over the house." He might be kind of right about that one. All our parlor furniture is in the dining room as we got started on several new projects: the box on the table includes a new chandelier that has about 10,000 crystal balls; several ikea frames are going up in the kitchen; and after a lot of drama the blue chairs are going to get some new fabric and new cushions. I've also been finishing up our guest bedroom and framing stuff that has been laying around for months. I bought a new light for the laundry room and a smoke detector for the first floor (gasp! we haven't had one in like 2 years, but now we have one that talks!). Bernie installed them. Did I mention we have visitors in April? I always find myself motivated to start and complete projects when I have people coming over to stay. 
we're finally putting lights in our parlor and entryway
one of the joys of an old house - there is no central lighting in either room 
I bought a knock-off of this chandelier at Overstock.com for a steal
and I just ordered the old fashioned push-button switches (not a steal)
I want her fire place big time bad
I'm going to try this sparkly girl out in the entryway first
because I'm not sure if she is big enough for the parlor
worst case scenario she goes upstairs in the other guest room
If it works we'll buy a second one 
If it doesn't then we'll be shelling out some fat cash for big daddy
I'm guessing they call him "large bling" for a reason
he looks totally worth it to me
the more i look at him, the more I want him in our parlor

On top of all that...we're painting. Well, I'm painting...
did I mention I hate the wall color in the parlor?
It was a shade lighter than the dining room but because
the house is so dark and there are no lights so it looks too dark
and it's too blue
so we're going more gray…Cornforth White I think it's called
Remember all our chair drama?
I bought these two vintage Drexel lovelies at Mod Livin' last April
Bernie isn't too fond of them
but I love them so we're compromising…well, not really
I bought some relatively cheap fabric in a navy color called blueberry
what a commitment!
I didn't want to compete with the rug, or spend a lot of money
I thought the frames might look nice white but Bernie said NO 
so I guess they are staying as is - see? compromise
they will keep their cute tufting and button details and I'm
on the hunt for some cool fabric for the back
on to the kitchen - I'm going to hang 6 white frames all horizontal
we've been debating how high to hang them all afternoon on facebook
feel free to chime in
ceilings are at 9 feet
chair rail is just under 4 feet from the floor
top of that white box on the left is 48" above the chair rail
distance between the white box and the wall on the right is 80"
the blue tape represents the footprint of all the frames with 2" gaps
yes…I drew it all to scale. twice.
that is Cooper, our Greater Swiss Mountain Dog who is very inconvenienced at the moment

…stay tuned, maybe I'll post more frequently than 3-4 weeks
no promises


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