January 26, 2012

NYC part deux

Well, it took me over a month but here are the rest of my pictures from my trip to NYC. I've been on a real blog drought as of late. I got nothin' to say! But I figured I could at least share some photos. So here you go. 

2 of my 3 favorite buildings in NYC
(the Chrysler building is my absolute fav)
checked out the new marimekko store - so many bold colors and patterns
I finally made my way to ABC Carpet & Home - huge store, huge! I came across the cabinet on the left which looked crazy similar to the one I bought off Craigslist for around $200. It's been awhile so I forgot the price but I think the new one was a few thousand $$$'s. I like mine better, especially the price!

ABC's carpet store is across the street from the home department and is full of Madeline Weinrib goodness. I spent a decent amount of time sifting through the sale pile and wondering if I could drag one of her rugs onto the plane. If I found the right rug, believe me I would have made that shit happen.
I had to stop at the new Ladurée. 
The macarons might taste the same, but the store wasn't nearly as pretty as the ones in Paris.
I waited in line forever, but it was worth it. 
view from the cab ride to the airport, I wish I had a pic of all the santa's I saw on my way to the city
no editing on this photo, just cool natural lighting and a great skyline

I used CameraBag to edit the photos, was playing around with the 2.0 beta version which is FREE

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