January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

We spent our third NYE at Barolo Grill, and honestly (to our surprise), it wasn't nearly as good as past visits. I've always thought the service and wait staff knowledge at Barolo was some of the best anywhere, but not this time. Not a single person came to ask us how our food was, not once. One waiter practically threw one of the courses down and was walking away before the plate hit the table. The wrong item was brought out for two of my courses, no apology to be found. The owner was walking around talking to many tables around us, but not ours. An acknowledgement of the errors would have went a long way to keeping our opinion of Barolo high.

The wine pairings were unusually small pours, and weren't a great compliment to the food. And while it might be unusual to complain about being served too much food, with 5 courses, the portions should be smaller. I was stuffed before the Secondi Piatti was served. Overall, it was still a good time. It's always fun to get dressed up and go out and there was some very interesting people watching. But I think next year we might be on the hunt for some place new. 
 my Insalate - spinach salad with pancetta and braised pork belly
Bernie had the roasted beet salad with goat cheese
Bernie really enjoyed his Secondi Piatti - roasted pheasant
I had a wonderful beef tenderloin that was served with
some pretty unappetizing lentils
the Dolce was pretty awesome - espresso cake,
pineapple relish, and a killer salted caramel sauce
very fancy presentation
 I got a little behind in my wine pairings…how is that possible?
Did I mention we were sleeping by 11:45? We are so wild.
Happy New Year!!!

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