December 4, 2011


I have so much saved up, but I have had ZERO time to blog. I just made 1k status on United (100,000 miles this year, the highest you can get). That means I've traveled more this year than I ever have in my entire life - 3 trips to Europe. Hawaii. And lots of trips cross country - Virginia, New York, etc. One day I'll finish the posts on our trip to Paris, recent recipes, the finished spare bedroom, etc…but until then, here are a few random things…

my secret Santa gift - a beautiful wreath from Bernie's dad
 We had a snow storm this weekend. I dusted off my truck but didn't realize how high the snow was on the hood. I could barely see over it. I did some Dukes of Hazard shit in 4WD to try and shake it but it wouldn't budge. 
Our Uncle David sent us Peace Corps shirts all the way from Tonga. Awesome.
 I saw these Douchey coasters at Z Gallerie
 DIY at Anthro - repurposed light bulbs (it looked prettier in person)
 Cooper got a new fur lined hat
 Bernie has been drinking giant martinis…you might think it is the perspective of the photo
but you would be wrong, these are the biggest glasses ever
No pictures…but I got a great hounds tooth scarf that makes me look like money,
and jeans that don't give a muffin top and I don't have to hike up. Ever. 
All is now right with the world.
That's all for now…off to NYC tomorrow for the week.


  1. I love Cooper in his hat! Those are the biggest martini glasses I've ever seen! I want to see all the pictures of your trips!


  2. i don't understand how it's secret santa if you know it's bernie's dad

  3. good point! From what I gather it's only secret up until you receive your present and then it is up to the giver to decide whether or not to include their name.



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