January 2, 2012

Blog in Review

I've read a lot of Blog in Review posts this week and I honestly had no intention of doing one but then I checked my "stats" and saw I just passed 20,000 page views! I know that is probably a few hours worth for some of the über popular blogs out there, but I thought it was a pretty big milestone for my little ole blog with a whopping 45 followers (help a girl out, let's make it 50!!!). Here are my top 3 posts according to Blogger:

the place where I bought the stencil put pics up on their website, check it! 
I'll take that as a compliment - thanks!

The Builder's Special Remodel From Our Last House
I spent all day searching for the damn "before" pic!
We made the best of a bad situation for not a lot of money

still very much a work in progress

I can't believe I've written over 250 blog entries! It has been just over 2 years so that is not a ton but still, 250!!! I took a look back to remember some of my favorites. I've shared plenty of our house and garden, favorite recipes, detox, my challenges with braised beef, etc. But I'll always be partial to my first post, it was probably the most personal. Some of my other favorites:

My first trip to Paris, all 12 hours of it!
All the hard work we did restoring "Bernie's Room".
Becoming reacquainted with my grandparent's china.
Not the most interesting for some, but I enjoyed researching the old City Park fountain.
Our Paris vacation here and here.
Cute pics of Cooper here, here, and here.

thanks so much for reading & encouraging me to keep on writing
goodbye 2011.  hello 2012!

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