December 30, 2011

Paris Sparkle

I told you to expect pictures from Paris for the next year or so…I thought these ones were pretty and sparkly as we approach New Year's Eve where everything should be a little sparkly. These pictures were taken of two different repetto stores we just happened upon walking back to the Marais after dinner. So magical!

December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve Dinner

We got loads of snow just before Christmas
City Park was gorgeous!
a family friend sent us a centerpiece just in time to set the table
we had dinner on Christmas Eve with our great friends the Trahey's as we do most years
Stefanie and Bernie enjoyed extra large martinis
note Bernie's fugly xmas sweater, his xmas gift last year from Marija
yes, those are kittens
their girls - Grace and Eve - they're getting so big!
my favorite wine, Chateauneuf du Pape, cheese, and charcuterie
dinner was braised boeuf, mashed potatoes, and brussels sprouts
Steve made an incredible salad and Stef made an awesome chocolate cake
I might post the beef recipe later, it wasn't awesome
Cooper had too much fun and passed out by the tree
I think he was drunk

Pinterest Inspiration

I've been avoiding Pinterest like the plague. But then I saw that people I didn't even know were "pinning" pictures from my blog so I got nosey. I caved. Now I'm on there all the time, yet another computer time suck that I don't need. But there is an upside. I saw this picture of the candles in the fire place and thought, I can do this! I know this isn't a new idea, but until we get our old old old fireplace working, at least there is a little pretty going on in there.
here's our fireplace
I think it turned out pretty good! 
It doesn't glow that obnoxious in person I swear
It's my fault, I need some photography lessons
Thanks Pinterest!

Merry Christmas!

December 20, 2011

Walking Around Denver

 We took a walk a few weeks ago around our hood - City Park South, East High, dog park
Cooper played with joy and abandon

December 17, 2011

life is ruff

when I work from home this guy is constantly shoving his 
big schnoot under my arm wanting some love
those sweet eyes are pretty hard to resist

December 10, 2011

New York City

I spent the week in New York and Connecticut for work which is great because I get to stay with one of my very good friends, Danielle, and her family. She made me green juice every morning and dinner each night and she has the best guest bed of all time. But for some reason her daughter and I weren't seeing eye to eye on a few things. Maybe I took too much of Mom's time. She's 4. They are hard to argue with. But I forget I'm 27 and should know better.
So we went out and got Elf on a Shelf (just learned about it last week, thanks ladies!!!) and things got straightened out in a matter of minutes. It was amazing. Marija called him the KGB of Christmas and she was totally right. Best. Idea. Ever. Reese was in a time out and coincidentally Santa called. He sent the Elf. Help had arrived. Danielle is an awesome pretender. Reese found the Elf. We read the book. We named the Elf. And all was right in the world. She kept one eye on that elf from then on. He was watching.
After a week with too much work and too little sleep I got 9 hours of sleep Friday night! Unheard of. Incredible. Saturday Danielle and I went antique shopping in Connecticut where I had the best pain au chocolate of all time. It was so awesome we just kept making the yum yum noises the entire time.
Afterwards I headed to Manhattan for the weekend to do a little Christmas shopping. I had an early dinner at Café Boulud and it was excellent. The restaurant was fancier than I expected, everyone (but me) was super dressed up. The table next to me was French so it was like being back in Paris.
 endive salad - beautiful but the flavors weren't well balanced
did I just say that?
 braised beef short ribs (what else did you expect?)
incredible flavors, beautifully presented on a slate board
I didn't like it at all
 dessert? why not
 molten chocolate cake
 they served these warm little donut puff thingies
 the subway was packed, this guy was awesome
not gonna lie, I ran and pushed to get into a stuffed car
I'm on the Upper East Side, gotta love Marriott points

p.s. depending on when you read this and whether or not I figured out how to fix it…my blog header may still be fugged up.

December 4, 2011


I have so much saved up, but I have had ZERO time to blog. I just made 1k status on United (100,000 miles this year, the highest you can get). That means I've traveled more this year than I ever have in my entire life - 3 trips to Europe. Hawaii. And lots of trips cross country - Virginia, New York, etc. One day I'll finish the posts on our trip to Paris, recent recipes, the finished spare bedroom, etc…but until then, here are a few random things…

my secret Santa gift - a beautiful wreath from Bernie's dad
 We had a snow storm this weekend. I dusted off my truck but didn't realize how high the snow was on the hood. I could barely see over it. I did some Dukes of Hazard shit in 4WD to try and shake it but it wouldn't budge. 
Our Uncle David sent us Peace Corps shirts all the way from Tonga. Awesome.
 I saw these Douchey coasters at Z Gallerie
 DIY at Anthro - repurposed light bulbs (it looked prettier in person)
 Cooper got a new fur lined hat
 Bernie has been drinking giant martinis…you might think it is the perspective of the photo
but you would be wrong, these are the biggest glasses ever
No pictures…but I got a great hounds tooth scarf that makes me look like money,
and jeans that don't give a muffin top and I don't have to hike up. Ever. 
All is now right with the world.
That's all for now…off to NYC tomorrow for the week.


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