November 2, 2011

Save the Tomatoes!!!

Operation Save the Tomatoes is finally complete. Supposedly we're going to get our first real freeze tonight and lots of snow tomorrow. I'm sure they've already cancelled school even though there isn't a single flake to be seen (yet). Bernie brought in all the tomatoes he could gather last week when we got our first frost and I grabbed all that was left this afternoon. We had so many green tomatoes and we all know they taste better when they ripen on the vine so I left them out until the last possible second. Last year the tomatoes I had leftover rotted so this year I'm trying something new - I have a 3 phase ripening plan. You heard me.

Phase I - green tomatoes start to ripen on
the sunny yet cool back porch
 one last rose tomato was hiding on the vine
 Phase II - almost ripe tomatoes head to the
kitchen windowsill which isn't too sunny
 Phase III - ripe tomatoes hang out in a dark corner 
and wait to be eaten or roasted
It might seem crazy, but so far it's working.

update - looks like operation Save the Tomatoes happened just in time!
we woke up to cold, snow and no power

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