October 23, 2011

Grow Dammit Grow

Wow, I haven't posted anything on our garden in months! It turned out to be a pretty good year albeit much different than last year's garden. I got a late start planting my seeds, Spring was weird, then we had a hail storm that just about ended everything. It seemed to take forever for the tomatoes to grow and then, Whamo! tomatoes everywhere. 

Here is a year in review of the "North Garden." Everything did very well except the carrots, we didn't give them the kind of soil they like so we got stumps. But it turns out some of them were supposed to be stumpy and we just didn't know it (Paris Market carrots). The Swiss Chard was incredible and is still going strong. I keep cutting it and it just keeps growing. Makes for great green juice! I kept the tomatoes under better control this year with lots of pruning so people didn't gasp in horror as they walked by our fence. The cucumbers didn't survive our trip to Paris, too much water. I didn't plant any squash this year so our grass was able to recover, you can see from the brown spots how far out into the yard they crawled last year, just two plants.

April 18
 May 30
 June 5
 July 3
August 1
September 24
We got our first frost last week when I was in Amsterdam. Bernie brought in about 100 tomatoes and the remaining tomatoes survived the frost but the plants are pretty much toast. I'm trying to leave them out as long as possible to ripen but snow is coming soon, not that you would know it given the beautiful weekend we just had. 

Next up, the South Garden and what two people do to use up the  tomatoes from 9 plants….hang on, it's getting crazy up in here!

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