September 17, 2011

Our New Paintings!

A little break from all the Paris pictures…

So exciting!!! The big reveal!!! Here are our two new paintings from Michelle Armas for the parlor and guest bedroom. Since these paintings were commissions, here is a little insight into how it all went down. The whole process was exciting and easy breezy. If you want to commission a piece, check out the post So You Want to Commission a Painting on Michelle's blog and also this latest post because she has made a few changes to her policies.

The 3' x 4' painting for our parlor had one revision. With the First Draft, for lack of a better term, my first reaction was - I love it! The colors were perfect. But. But there was a face staring at me in the upper right that reminded me of Wilson from Castaway. I was so conflicted because how do you ask an artist to change their vision? But the more I looked at it the more I knew my crazy brain would zone in on that face every time I looked at it so I asked Michelle if she would change it, and maybe add a little more turquoise if the mood struck. She was completely understanding and totally open to changes. 

Parlor Painting First Draft
 Final Painting - no more Wilson - perfect!!!!
Just as we were finishing up the parlor painting, I found myself being so drawn to a sold painting called Float Away so I contacted Michelle about a second painting for the guest bedroom that doubles as my dressing room. The First Draft of this 30" x 30" painting was a little cooler than I was looking for so Michelle put that one up for sale and painted an entirely new painting. No changes - it was perfect! I love the blues and pinks and grays and well….everything!

 First Draft - looking for more warmth, depth
My new painting - perfect!

Michelle Armas is an Atlanta artist that has been featured on a lot of great sites recently

(where I first learned of Michelle - thanks MFAMB!)

S&L had a few of Michelle's paintings for sale in their Bazaar last month
I hope you've enjoyed Michelle's work as much as I have
Next up - I'll post some pictures once the paintings are up on the walls
Stay tuned…they should be arriving in less than a week!!!



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