September 16, 2011

les Bouquinistes

Based on a recommendation from Marija, Bernie and I went to dinner at one of Guy Savoy's restaurants when we were in Paris - Les Bouquinistes. Since I wasn't aware of the unofficial rule that Parisians wouldn't be caught dead eating out before 9pm our reservation was a little early and the restaurant was fairly quiet. The service was great and the food was even better. I literally made yummmmm noises with every bite as my eyes rolled back in my head. We drank incredible red wine that was on special by the glass.
cold cream of sweet peas (Bernie) and stew of spring veggies with chorizo (moi, pictured)
Roasted cod fish, braised leeks, sautéed chanterelles mushrooms mussels (monsieur)
Aiguillettes of beef, smoked betteroots and mashed potatoes (madame)
I started eating before I remembered to take a picture
it was the best bernaise sauce I've ever had in my life
this chocolate yummy was all mine
 Bernie had a foursome of mini desserts with coffee
what we ordered en français
Pont Neuf
 all lamp posts should be so beautiful
a meal to remember, so good!
Les Bouquinistes est très bon! Merci!

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