September 14, 2011

le Marais

Thanks to a suggestion by Shaboom when I was in Paris in January, Bernie and I rented an apartment while we were in Paris. Another friend had just stayed in the Marais in the 3rd arrondissement, and I'm all for taking a referral. We ended up staying in two apartments because everything had booked up for our stay. The first apartment was incredible, the second was okay, but still pretty incredible by Paris standards. We loved being right in the middle of a neighborhood away from all those pesky tourists. ahem. 

Our apartment was just a short walk to le Marché des Enfants Rouges, the oldest market in Paris. It dates back to 1615 and is called the Market of the Red Children because of the red uniforms worn at the nearby orphanage. Most days we went to a café for breakfast or lunch and then went to all the wonderful little shops around the market. I bought bread, cheese, charcuterie and wine most days in case we wanted to have dinner or a snack in the apartment. The cheese and the salami, OMG so good. Eating in has never tasted so good.
we spent most mornings at La Pierre
overlooking the Square du Temple
drinking café creme
random wall "art", how does one say "WTF?" in French?
Everyone was so friendly. I spoke enough French to get by and when they say they speak "a little" English it is way more than a little. The only grief I got was at the patisserie when I changed my order from 2 to 4 pain au chocolats and then got flustered and reverted to Spanish - "quatro!" Fail. Mostly I didn't even try to speak any English unless I had to ask a question. I must say I loved the politeness and respectfulness of it all.

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