September 19, 2011

Four Americans in Paris

Our good friends Danielle and Boyd spent a couple days with us in Paris. We all went to college together at Michigan Tech and most of us have known each other 20 years! gasp! Boyd is the relative newbie to the group, we've only known him 15 or so. Although we planned our trip to France together we realized early on that we wanted two completely different vacations: Bernie and I stayed put in Paris while our friends started in Amsterdam and then came to Paris for a few days before hitting French wine country and ending up in Monaco and Nice. I most definitely want to hit those places someday! This worked out great because we all got the vacation we wanted AND got to spend time together in France. I could have used another day with them but otherwise it was perfect. Looking at that first picture it kind of looks like we're still in college.
Notre Dame
drinks in St-Germain-des-Prés
 breakfast in the Marais
drinks at les Ombres
dinner at buddha bar
This vacation was great for people, bad for dogs…Cooper had his emergency surgery and one of Danielle and Boyd's pugs ran away. For like a week. He's home safe and sound now and Cooper seems no worse for wear. Happy Endings.



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