September 7, 2011


A little break from Paris to post a few favorite pics and posts of our dog Cooper. He got the bloat last night and had emergency surgery while we are on vacation. It's every Swissy owner's worst nightmare. He was out of surgery before we even knew he was sick and the vet said he came out of it better than she has ever seen a dog with bloat and that he would be fine in a couple of days. We board him at our old vet in Littleton and they have a surgery center onsite. He was lucky to be where he was and that the kennel attendants noticed his symptoms right away. You have to get a dog with bloat to surgery within in the hour or they might not make it or their organs might get damaged from blood loss. So it was almost lucky we were on vacation, had we both been at work things might have not turned out so well. Fingers crossed, so far so good. We'll call the vet again in the morning. Our poor baby!

some older Cooper posts here

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