September 22, 2011

charcuterie and fromage and vin...Oh My!

I don't know what Bernie's favorite meals were in Paris, but mine were the simple ones we had in the apartment - charcuterie, fromage, bread and wine from the local shops. It was our very first meal in Paris at a random cafe we happened upon after browsing the menu at a local restaurant recommended in Goop and deciding it wasn't for us. See below, heaven on a cutting board and bistro table is what that is!
The cheese, OMGeeeee. I will search out the small round of gooey goat cheese we had for the rest of my life and will breathe a sigh of relief if I find it state side. The same cute young lady helped us pick out the best French cheeses. I didn't know goat cheese could be so creamy or Brie so stinky. I thought I knew a lot about cheese, I was wrong. Who can think about being vegan when there is beauty like this in the world. (that's not even a question, it's a statement!)
The salami "only in France!" was to die for. But the jambon (ham)…the Italian jambon was better according to the young guy that helped us each day. He was right of course. I was in Anthro today and giggled when I saw a French copy of Green eggs and Ham….Oeufs Vert et Jambon. I can read French!
It was like taking a step back in time and dinner never tasted so good. Funny but I bought the same jar of cornichons (pickles) in Paris that we eat at home but I swear they save the biggest cornichons for France. As for wine we started with a few bottles of Bordeaux and some Crozes-Hermitage before settling in on a relatively inexpensive Chateauneuf du Pape.
Le Fromages (below): the big cheese on the top of the pic stunk up the apartment (Coulommiers). The little round on the left was the best cheese of my life (Pélardon). The oval on the right was thyme infused and was a crowd favorite (Brassie au thym). The pyramid is the famous Valençay - an ash covered goat cheese from the Loire Valley. We've had it before and it tastes so much better than it looks.
seriously, shut the eff up with this cheese, look at that pe'lardon! perfect ooze!
Everyone has asked me what my favorite part of Paris was expecting me to say the Louvre (we didn't go) or Notre-Dame (words can't describe), but my favorite part was really the little things like sitting outside at a café drinking a coffee and watching the world walk buy….albeit a stylish world where everyone is wearing skinny jeans and great shoes.

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