August 7, 2011

Michelle Armas

Remember last month when I told you I commissioned a painting for our parlor from Michelle Armas, the fab artist from Atlanta? Well it's actually been done for some time. But I kept being drawn back to this painting:

Float Away

I emailed Michelle and told her I could design my whole dressing room/guest bedroom around a painting like this one. It's feminine but not too much. It reads pink to me, but if you really look it is mostly neutrals. It's abstract, but not too busy. Given shipping is a significant part of the cost of buying from an artist in Atlanta it only made sense to get a second painting now instead of at a later date. So I commissioned a second piece in the style of Float Away but a smaller size. It only cost me $27 more in S&H and Michelle cut me a sweet deal on the second piece. So stay tuned for not one, but two new pieces of art for our home. Maybe when these beauties are hanging on our walls things will start to finally pull together. I can't wait to see the new piece and share both with you!

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