August 9, 2011

June Challenge Results

Remember my June Challenge??? I was planning a big post on our results and was going to start a July challenge to keep the momentum going but then there was a holiday, and a lot of work travel, and now it is the end of July and I'm in Michigan so I've come to realize it is never going to happen. Such is life. (I actually wrote most of this a couple of weeks ago)

But just so you know, the June Challenge that Claire and I did was VERY effective. Very! I lost 8lbs, she lost 4 - just in that one month! We laid out our plans, followed them as best we could. We realized what our strengths and weaknesses were and that we aren't perfect, nor should we aspire to be. But the part that made this plan so effective was the accountability - to ourselves and to each other. Pretty much every day we would do a quick check in with each other - and we were honest - I skipped my run today or I totally ate a cheeseburger and fries. At the end of every week we looked at our plans - where were we successful? What things do we still have to work on? Are we meeting our goals?

I've been doing this crap for a long time and I can honestly say something about this process was very eye opening. We both became so mindful of what we were doing and why. And if you fall off the wagon you just get back on and keep moving.

My clothes fit better, my pants are super baggy, and people really took notice and I got a lot of positive comments. Sometimes you lose 5lbs and can't even tell - this wasn't the case. For both of us, this was a very visual weight loss. The scale is great and all, but when you can see the difference you know your efforts are worth it. Claire looks fantastic! Neither of us lost all the weight we had hoped for but the physical changes were so positive that we couldn't help but be happy with the results. Claire's running got better and I think she got up to 10+ miles!!!

July has been crazy, and without the check-in's I have not been following my plan AT ALL and it shows, scale is up a bit and pants are a little tighter. So I think an August Challenge is in order. My first instinct is to say, I can't, because I'm in Michigan on August 1st and then I spend the rest of the first week in Minnesota for work. But that is the PERFECT time to start. That is exactly when I need to be behaving myself. So game on. I need to find a buddy (Claire is focusing on running goals this month vs. weight loss, but we will still check in with each other).

Update: Since I wrote this in July (but didn't post) I did not get right on board August 1 as I should have...but I am all in as of Monday! I'm calling it my 3 weeks to Paris detox. I scheduled 3 workouts with my trainer this week to ensure I get a proper ass kicking. Unfortunately she has been watching a Jillian Michaels video for new ideas - bad for me, good for my ass. I still need a partner in crime, any takers? I think I shall enroll my friend Danielle with or without her consent since she will be in France in 3 weeks as well. 

I will probably just use my June Challenge as my guide, otherwise it will be mid-August by the time I come up with a new plan. Here it is!

Keri's Plan:
  • Hot Tea for breakfast
  • Green Juice for lunch
  • Salad or Green smoothie for late lunch or pre/post workout snack
  • Vegetarian dinner - quinoa pasta, homemade pizza, soup or something but with lots of veggies
  • No soda (easy enough)
  • No coffee (gasp)
  • Alcohol only 1 day per week max! (OMG)
  • Eggs/toast only 2 times per week if super hungry, but only after tea (usually if I drink my tea it quells my hunger) or if before a morning workout
  • No bad processed food, will have some all natural tortilla chips with guac
  • No chocolate for at least the first two weeks to get out of my post dinner sweet habit
Keeping Myself Honest:
  • Use my journal
  • Check in with my Buddy every day, good or bad
  • Plan my workouts and put them on the calendar
  • Invite people to workout so I can't skip it
  • Plan my meals and shop accordingly
  • 2 workouts/week with Heather
  • 1-2 yoga workouts/week
  • 2+ cardio per week (walking, start running)
  • 1 walk per week with Claire (or any buddy)


  1. If you still need a buddy, I'm in!!! I've been very lazy since my TT, not practicing enough yoga, not doing much, just the daily dog walks. And I haven't been eating all that good either. So count me in!!!!

  2. Awesome! I guess you'll be my Friday morning yoga buddy then :) It's a date!

  3. Oh the pain of it all! I feel for you! I sturggle as well and it is nice to hear other views!
    Thanks for the supprot and goodluck!!!



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