August 5, 2011

Denver's Thatcher Memorial

I've shown you the more well known fountain in City Park but I'm more partial to this gal

Thatcher Memorial
"The Gift of Joseph Addison Thatcher to the City of Denver 1918"

Colossal central figure representing the state of Colorado is circled by three smaller figure groups representing the virtues of the state of Colorado: Loyalty, Learning and Love. The central figure is bronze and stands on a granite base; the figure groups are bronze and are set at the base of central figure, around a marble fountain. Fountain spouts are located between the three groups, with water falling into a circular pool around the whole sculptural group. 

The central figure is a robed woman holding the sword of state and shield of Colorado. Loyalty consists of a standing male figure of a knight, wearing armor and leaning upon his broadsword. On his proper left is the female figure of peace with an olive branch in her hand. On the knight's proper right is a helmet with laurels representing his past victories. Learning consists of a standing, robed, female figure, turning her head to her proper right towards a young boy. The boy looks at the woman while he leans his proper right elbow upon a closed book. On the woman's proper left is a young girl perched upon a pile of books while she writes upon a slate. Love depicts a female figure standing at center with a male on her proper left. The woman's eyes are lowered modestly. A small figure of cupid sits on the woman's proper left.

p.s. I'm loving Camera Bag, here are the first pic above using 4 of the 10 standard filters


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