July 25, 2011

When am I ever gonna learn?

I thought by now I had learned never to say never, but apparently I didn't. I still do it occasionally and usually end up eating my words.

I have never lived down getting married after YEARS of saying how I would NEVER get married, EVER! I went on rants about it. I didn't want to do it, I didn't see the point, but then slowly my mind changed. My friends knew better, and giggled about it after.

I've always said I would NEVER have children and have happily stuck to my guns on that one despite years of having people (rather forcefully) tell me, you'll change your mind! I've noticed in the last couple of years people don't ask me if I want to have kids or tell me I'll change my mind which has led me to the sad conclusion that they must think my eggs have dried up. While I'm happy not to have these conversations anymore, I do not like being considered old. A lot of friends my age are still having babies, so if I wanted to, not that I do....just saying, my eggs aren't old, they're just mature.

Can I tell you how much I HATED Uggs? I mean seriously, the ugliest shoes ever produced. It took a long long time but they finally started to grow on me. I now own two pair and it's like having puppies wrapped around your feet. So warm and cozy. And the tall pair are pretty awesome if you ask me.

Along the same lines as Uggs, my cousin-in-law's wife Marija blogged about her purchase of a pair of Toms:
"So here it is. The latest trend that I find vaguely revolting, but I've given in, joined the club, sold my soul. Toms shoes. They are so ugly they are cute. They look like I should be wearing them to wash my sarong by a dirty river." 
I left a rather rude comment (even for me), "...the ugliest f'in shoes I've ever seen." But like Uggs and marriage, Toms started to grow on me. It took over a year from Marija's post but yesterday I bought a pair. Oh the shame! I have wanted to buy them for a little while now but couldn't bring myself to admit that I now find these shoes....cute. I was going to keep them hidden but I thought it better to come clean than get busted after posting vacation pictures or something random like that. So here they are....and looking online, there are a couple other pairs that have caught my eye. So sue me. I like Toms. There, I've said it. 

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