July 3, 2011

Parlor Painting Commission part I

As some of you may or may not have come to realize, our home is full of rooms just waiting to be finished. Almost done...but not quite. Normally I'm a great task master, drill sergeant, finisher, etc., except when it comes to decorating a room. Unless it's a bathroom, or better yet, a very small bathroom. Our parlor has been moving along at a snails pace the last two years so when I saw this post over at My Favorite and My Best I thought to myself, I'm totally going to do this! Assuming it doesn't cost a fortune. Like MFAMB I thought commissioning a painting was something only rich people do, but nope, totally affordable. I won't give too many details because Jenny already wrote about the process here and it's kinda hard to beat her at the storytelling game. And if you want to get details from the artist herself, check out her blog post So You Want to Commission a Painting

When it comes to art, I don't like to hunt for it, I like to stumble on it. I like a piece to evoke memories of  a certain time or place. I like to have (or create) some sort of connection with the artist or the gallery. Every piece should have its own story. So far I'm loving the story of this piece!

What I will say is Michelle Armas is not only a lovely artist but she has been an absolute pleasure to work with. The process has been so simple and fun and when I saw her own home on her blog I knew we were a good fit. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have images of our very own painting to share with you. In the meantime, here are some of the inspiration pictures that are going into my piece.

some pictures of our room...
 I told her the chairs may or may not stay and no need to get matchy matchy with the rug
I told her I loved the colors in our stained glass
the wall color will probably go lighter, eventually
we used terms like not too frantic, looser, bold, elegant to describe the mood of the painting
I told her which of her paintings I was most drawn too (below, more here)
Float Away
 Dr. Riversong
I sent her pictures of rooms that elicit a general feeling of "like" in me
not artwork inspiration per se
she totally got that which is awesome
and here are a few more for good measure...
*all pictures borrowed from the internets

Thank you in advance to MFAMB for the idea, I'm soooooo excited to see my painting!!!
p.s. after I commissioned my painting, Michelle was featured (again) on Design Sponge!!!

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