July 12, 2011

Mr. Cooper Hoffman

I do believe I may have the cutest dog in the world
he has been in a few posts here on the blog
I know I post a lot of grainy pics on Facebook that don't do him justice so...
I formally introduce you to
Mr. Cooper Lee Hoffman
he is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
(not a Beagle)
(nor a shaved Bernese Mountain Dog)
he is 7.5 years old
he loves very short walks, food, biscuits, getting his teef brushed, and lounging around
he dislikes too much exercise, people trying to pet him all the time because he's so pretty, 
getting brushed or washed, the vacuum, and any kind of electrical cord
he is the sweetest dogbaby on earth
but you wouldn't know it from his rancid breath
we love you Cooper
good dog!

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