July 15, 2011

Grow Dammit Grow

warning...Bernie told me yesterday that the hail storm did a number on our garden while I was in NY so for all I know this could be the last GrowDammitGrow post in 2011. The tomatoes and cukes got the worst of it. Keep your fingers crossed it can recover!

as promised...here is the rest of our garden
The North Garden
not too sure on this one, kind of small and bushy
I planted basil from seed around the pot
 bought this tomato at the farmer's market
Nebraska Wedding
the Rose tomatoes in the containers are doing well
Amish Paste is in the garden on the right
 more basil, Longfellow cukes on the trellis
Rainbow Chard up front
all for green juice!
nothing is producing yet, but soon!!!

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