July 31, 2011

A few days in Newtown, CT

I had to go to New York a few weeks ago for work which is great because I got to stay with my very good friend Danielle and her family. I went to college with Danielle and we lived together for years at MTU. I like to take credit for her marriage since I convinced her to go on a second date with her now husband.
and now they have this little cutie patootie
Reese met me at the door shouting, "Momma, Aunt Kiki's here!!!"
 whenever I'm in town they get out their best wines
this one was from a trip they took to Chile
sooooooo good!
 D- is a great host - she made recipes off my blog because
a. she knows I will like them and b. I can teach help her make them
it's worth a mention that they have the best guest bedrooms ever
better than any hotel I've ever stayed at
her bed was so comfortable we bought the same mattress
I've thought about stealing the pillows but I'm not sure how to get them home

I love when I get to visit them and hope to go back soon
until then I guess I'll just have to meet them in Paris next month
oh how we suffer

Thanks guys!

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