June 2, 2011

Oh Cooper...

this is our dog Cooper
he is a greater swiss mountain dog
he loves to be loved and never leaves our side
he has awesome eyebrows
he talks, loudly, especially to Bernie
and every morning he lets out a huge loud and long yawn
he's very handsome and very sweet


he stinks (bad) and sheds (a lot) and snores (like an old man)
his hair collects on the floor like tumbleweeds that we call dog bunnies
we wonder why he still insists on being a bull in a china shop at 7 and a half years old
we have to put rugs everywhere because he can't walk like a normal dog
our 105 year old wood floors have never seen the likes of Cooper and it shows
when he farts it scares him like someone jabbed him with a stick
he jumps up and races away and lately it's been oh so rank

Cooper, we love you, but please stop farting. Thanks.
just as I finished this post he ripped a loud one and ran off

1 comment:

  1. he's adorable! it sounds like living with him is a riot :)



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