June 7, 2011

Lovin These

These cutie patootie bookends are my new go-to baby gift. Too bad most of my friends are off the baby train. Not cheap, but ohhhhh so cute! They are from my new favorite store, Serena & Lily. I got a catalog in the mail a month or so ago. I'm not sure where the hell this store came from but they just went on a huge media blitz and left us all at home drooling over their catalogs asking where the eff have you been?

lovin these too

A couple of tips - I'm on their email list and they have 20% off events. And after I placed my first order they sent me a $25 off coupon. Your welcome.


  1. Those are CRAZY CUTE! I love everything. Which means I'm in trouble. (Sigh) Thanks.......

  2. You write so .. dare I use the word 'cute' - but truly, that's the best word I can use. Your Cooper stories, your Heather workouts .. the whole kit'n'kaboodle. Too funny (-:

  3. Blogger is making it IMPOSSIBLE to comment on my own blog!!!!

    One last attempt:
    Karen, sorry, but I had to do it :)

    Linda - welcome! My first Australian follower!!!



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