June 1, 2011

June Challenge!!!

I have been seriously lacking in the blog inspiration department! It's been two weeks - ugh! Some months I have buckets of ideas and some months nada, zip, zilch. I did have a few great posts over on my Dad's Blog from my visit last month if you want to check them out.

On May 1, faced with the 4 MONTHS TO PARIS!!! reality, I set up some weight loss goals for myself. After almost 8 solid weeks on the road I had finally stopped traveling and had a lot more control over my diet and more time for exercise. So how much did I lose? Nada, zip, zilch. I did get some killer workouts in but went a whole month and made no progress - disappointing.

So as June 1 approached I decided that it was time to get serious. I work best with a partner in crime so I enlisted my friend, and fellow frustrated Loser, Claire. We hatched our similar but individual plans and decided to start right away instead of the usual let's plan it all out this week, have a final hurrah, and start on Monday! bullshit that we all are guilty of. And you know what? I'm super pumped up! Just committing to someone and writing out my plan was really motivating. I used my lunch hour yesterday to take a 3 mile power walk around our park and tonight I'm working out with my trainer Heather. I even scheduled a 6am yoga class on Friday with my friends Carolina and Anita (gulp). This way I'm not tempted to skip. Being accountable to someone really works!

Below are the plans we are following. We'll be checking in with each other daily and we are going to recommit at the end of each week so the one month time frame doesn't seem so daunting. Join us! We aren't doing any formal Biggest Loser thing, but we will let you know how we're doing and you're welcome to check in with me. The more the merrier!

Timing: June 1 - June 30

Claire's Plan:
  • In bed (not heading to bed, but physically in bed, lights out) at 9p every week night
  • Hot tea and juice for breakfast
  • Juice for mid-morning snack
  • Greek yogurt for lunch
  • Hot tea midday
  • At least 72oz of water while at work (typically another 32oz at home, plus 40oz juice and 16oz tea)
  • Raw carrots and almonds for a snack
  • Dinner- whatever D cooks, but light, no chemicals (I often use spray butter and bottled dressings…), no salt
  • No soda (easy)
  • No coffee (easy)
  • NO BOOZE (WHA??)
  • No heavily processed foods- realistically, I’ll end up having a processed salad dressing here and there, but no need to have a hot dog or pizza or nachos!!
Keeping Honest:
  • Daily check-in with Ker
  • Three “easy” runs per week (3-5mi)
  • One long run per week (5+mi)
  • Two at-home strength workouts per week
  • One Heather workout per week
  • One Ker workout (we should meet at that park!!) per week
  • One yoga class (at work) per week
  • Three 1mi or more walks w/ G after work per week
Keri's Plan:
  • Hot Tea for breakfast
  • Green Juice for lunch
  • Salad or Green smoothie for late lunch or pre/post workout snack
  • Vegetarian dinner - quinoa pasta, homemade pizza, soup or something but with lots of veggies
  • No soda (easy enough)
  • No coffee (gasp)
  • Alcohol only 1 day per week max! (OMG)
  • Eggs/toast only 2 times per week if super hungry, but only after tea (usually if I drink my tea it quells my hunger) or if before a morning workout
  • No bad processed food, will have some all natural tortilla chips with guac
  • No chocolate for at least the first two weeks to get out of my post dinner sweet habit
Keeping Myself Honest:
  • Use my journal
  • Check in with Claire every day, good or bad
  • Plan my workouts and put them on the calendar
  • Invite people to workout so I can't skip it
  • Plan my meals and shop accordingly
  • 2 workouts/week with Heather
  • 1-2 yoga workouts/week
  • 2+ cardio per week (walking, start running)
  • 1 workout per week with Claire

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