June 24, 2011

Jazz in the Park

For the last 25 years City Park Jazz has been organizing free concerts in Denver's City Park every Sunday during the summer. Conveniently this is right across the street from our house. Funny enough, we didn't even know about Jazz in the Park until we moved in. People have been gathering around the City Park bandstand on Ferril Lake for concerts for over 125 years!

The official hours are 6-8pm but a steady stream of people start walking by our house around 2pm with strollers, coolers, tents, dogs and a million other things in tow. Last week we ate our dinner on the front porch and watched the craziness.
We invited people over a few weeks ago to see Hazel Miller. To be honest I can't stand jazz, it's true. Bernie loves it. Its nothing but noise to my ears. In spite of the jazz, hanging out with friends and having some wine and cheese picnic-style is always a good time. And seeing all of the crazy set-ups people have is entertainment in itself - it must take hours of prep to make some of this stuff happen. BBQ's, fondue sets, tents, volleyball nets, you name it. I much prefer strolling over at 6pm and plopping down in any open spot. This year I picked up an awesome cooler on wheels form Costco to make the trip over easy peasy. Because, you know, the 1/4 mile walk is killer! So many people go every Sunday it is amazing! Makes me feel good about where we live and lucky to be right next to the park. Too bad I never got off our blanket to take any pictures of the crowd or the actual performance...ummmm, maybe next time...

Claire, Dom & Gino
 Chelsea & Kenny
 Bernie & Cooper (and the cooler!)
 sadly I didn't get good pics of the other half of our crew
Randy, Logan, Kari & Polly
Bernie & Randy
the dogs came too - Cooper showed a lot of restraint with the food
and so did I: 2 parts fruits and veggies, 1 part yummy goodness
Cooper's buddy Gino, he is working on his restraint for next time
Brian's had enough for one day

A note to the Sewing Sisters - that striped "blanket" was the only thing I had ever sewed until now. A family friend helped me. I was in college and got two flannel Polo sheets on clearance and put some batting in between. Voila! My first quilt. And it is still going strong :)

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  1. how did i not know you have previous sewing experience?!?! a good quilt lasts a looooong time...glad to see yours is doing well. :)



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