June 26, 2011


This very well might be my favorite sandwich of all time. Tom Colicchio's roasted asparagus with red onions, basil, and Vacherin. As if the sandwich wasn't good enough, I do love me some Tom Colicchio. (Leah, you reading? I know how you love yourself a bald man). My boy Tom makes his sandwich open-faced, I however, do not. Before his Wichcraft book hit the shelves he made this recipe on (you guessed it) The Today Show - and it was not open-faced. He also calls for Vacherin cheese. I'm a bit of a cheesemonger and I have yet to locate Vacherin. Anywhere. So I use Camembert. I've tried Brie, not as good.  Tom says you can use any good melting cheese. This is basically how I make Tom's sandwich...
 remember, these ingredients are for 4 open-faced sandwiches
this recipe doesn't have to be anywhere near exact, I stopped measuring long ago
I use my Mario Batalli panini pan that I got for xmas several years back
I get the pan good and hot on medium-high heat
toss the asparagus, onion, oil, s&p in a bowl
cook in your hot grill pan for 5-10min until slightly charred
toss once or twice while cooking
 while that's cooking....
slice up your cheese, I probably use .3oz for two sandwiches
that's a lotta cheese
not too thick or it doesn't melt good
get everything a little brown
when everything is grilled, put it back in the same bowl and toss with the vinegar and basil 
(I use a lot more basil)
I use the fresh baked bread from Whole Foods
you need something hearty to withstand the grilling
I use either regular or rosemary sourdough
a layer of cheese and then the toppings followed by more cheese
I spray the outsides of the sandwich with spray olive oil and sprinkle with Miracle Blend
I find the salt helps the bread from sticking to the pan
(skip the salt unless you lurve it like I do)

I grill both sides in my panini pan around 3 minutes per side
if you grill too long the Camembert melts and runs all over
now here is where the love comes in....
peel a garlic clove and cut in half, rub the raw garlic on each side of the bread
it adds a little something special, so don't forget that part
cut in half and enjoy! 
we pretty much moan "yummmmmm" the entire time we're eating
no lie

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