June 27, 2011

City Park Fountain

My husband looooovvvvvveeeeeeesssssss the fountains in Denver's City Park. Our park. So I did a little research...

It appears the original Electric Prismatic Fountain in Ferril Lake was completed in 1908 just in time for the Democratic National Convention. 100 years later, the new Electric Fountain has been operational since 2008, also in time for the DNC, and is a historically accurate re-creation of the original 1908 fountain according to the Friends of the Electric Fountain. We didn't even know our fountain had friends! Bernie has probably looked out at the fountain a hundred times and said, "I should go take pictures of the fountain." And finally, after two years, he did! He took some pretty great shots too and it was fun to compare them to the old Electric Fountain of a hundred years ago.

the original 1908 fountain
historical pictures borrowed from the Friends of the Electric Fountain
Courtesy, Denver Public Library Western History Collection
Photo ID: MCC-924
Bernie Hoffman 2011
 1919 postcard
Bernie Hoffman 2011
the fountain might be the same but the skyline and the surrounding area certainly has changed since 1908!


  1. wow..STUNNING pictures bernie!!!

    is the fountain in the middle of the lake, or can you walk to it? some of the pictures seem to have people standing around the fountain...or maybe i am just confused and those are parts of the fountain.

  2. Beautiful! I love the comparison. Well done Bernie!

  3. It is in the middle of the lake, that first pic was maybe when it was just built? You can't even see all that hardware, I didn't even know it looked like that until I saw the old picture :) - keri

    Thanks Karen!

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